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Welcome to BeProductive, my first digital venture without a “.org” at the end.

It’s still a pretty uncool dot-com, but I liked the name and thought the world could use another generic website to blow up your social media feeds with recycled business tips.

What’s the point? I thought it would be fun, mostly.

Watching Bill Simmons launch The Ringer probably was the biggest factor. The way he built out his dream squad and had the whole “come at me bro” thing going for him after his famed exit with ESPN. The way he pinned ESPN as the controlling, corporate-bloated company. It was beautiful, and dude was loving every minute of it.

So there I was, probably organizing a content piece about some affiliate offer on one of my .org sites, feeling jealous of Bill Simmons.

“Even if it’s a terrible knock-off of a Bill Simmons site mixed with the bro topics of Tim Ferriss, that could still be alotta fun”, I thought.

Enter: two weeks that included paying too much for a dot-com, throwing $200 at some Belgian dude for his page, a failed 99 Designs campaign (I’ve still never paid for a logo before) and convincing 2 other human beings to join the team – 1 of them being my little brother.

Not really sure what it is yet, but its a dot-com and I have my varsity squad.

-Jeremy Page

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